Spiffy Spekular modular LED lights – IBC 2018

Spiffy’s Spekular lighting system comes as a kit with four lights that you can rearrange and use as a block or individually. Spiffy say they’ve had customers using a single kit for interviews by combining two units as a key light and using one each for a fill and backlight.

Spiffy Spekular modular LED lights

Spiffy power

Spiffy Spekular modular LED lights

You can power up to two kits from a single mains or D-Tap battery adapter. The power is transferred via the connector joints and Spiffy also make an expansion kit with a 5m long cable so you can split the kit up but only use one power source. Each panel draws 15W so in total a kit will need 60W of power.

Spiffy colour temperature and accuracy

Spiffy Spekular modular LED lights

The lights are daylight balanced with a claimed CRI of 95+ and built-in diffusion.

Spiffy Spekular lights price and availability

The Spekular lights are available now, with kits starting from $650 US – and if you head over to their website you can save 20% while the IBC show is on. Intriguing? Gimmicky? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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