Aputure Amaran MW LED light – IBC 2018

The Aputure Amaran MW is the company’s latest light to employ the CoB technology the company first used in their CoB 300d. It’s part of Aputure’s M series of small on-camera lights which also includes the M9 and the MX.

Water and Lighting Do Mix

The MW is daylight balanced, twice as bright as the MX and is also completely waterproof down to 3m – and Aputure are trying to increase the sealing so it’s good down to 10m. That’s obviously useful for use in a broadcast environment, or anywhere else where you might be battling the elements a little in the course of your shoot.

Aputure’s Ted Sim also says that if they’re able to perfect the waterproofing on the Amaran MX they might be able to take what they have learned and apply it to their other products. A 300d you can leave out in the rain? We can hope…

Light and bright

At maximum brightness you’ll get around 90 minutes of use from the built-in battery – and set to minimum power Aputure claim the MX will last for an impressive 24 hours. Charging is via USB-C and will take about 90 minutes to top up from empty, using any USB-C compatible source: so power banks, laptops and mobile phone chargers can all be used.

The Amaran MX also has a party trick: built-in lighting effects, including simulations for paparazzi flashes, fireworks, lightning and a TV mode.

Aputure Amaran MX price and availability

The light is not quite ready yet but Aputure hope to be making it available to buy in December for around $250 US.

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