Teradek RED DSMC2 Integration – IBC 2018

Teradek were showing their brand new line of modules for the RED DSMC2 ecosystem. The Teradek RT ACI, or Assistant Camera Interface, has been designed to make configuring camera settings on RED DSMC2 cameras familiar and easy.

The interface is navigated by tactile push-button and jog wheel controls. Constantly adjusting camera settings on a touchscreen during production can be time-consuming and frustrating. This is where the ACI comes in. The ACI utilises an intuitive interface displayed on the module’s LED screen. The module attaches to the side of DSMC2 cameras so ACs and operators can make quick adjustments to camera parameters.

RED cameras don’t have an AC control panels on the non-operator side of the camera so the addition of the Teradek ACI makes a lot of sense for use in production environments. The fact that it can be attached to the camera or used remotely without the use of a cable makes it even more versatile.

The RF.ACI and MDR.ACI modules add long-range wireless control through the use of Teradek RT’s RF communication without the reliability issues of WiFi, which is significant for many use cases including DITs, drones, gimbals and cranes.

The Teradek RT ACI is available as a standalone module, a remote control unit (RF.ACI), and an integrated system with a 3-channel Teradek RT wireless lens control receiver (MDR.ACI).

The RF.ACI adds a 2.4GHz FHSS radio, allowing the system to be used on camera or as a wireless remote control. Pair the RF.ACI remote with an on-camera RF.ACI, MDR.ACI, or Teradek RT Latitude MDR to configure camera settings at up to 5000 ft away. It can be powered by an LP-E6 or Sony NP-F style battery.

The MDR.ACI includes every feature of the RF.ACI, in addition to a 3-channel Teradek RT wireless lens control receiver. Combine the MDR.ACI with RT lens motors, controller and a RF.ACI remote for an all-in-one, cutting edge wireless lens and camera control solution.

The Teradek RT ACI starts at $899.95 USD and starts shipping Fall 2018.


ACI: $899.95

RF.ACI: $1699.95

MDR.ACI: $2199.95

Teradek were also showing their Bolt DSMC2 module. An all-in-one module with a built-in Bolt transmitter that secures to the back of RED DSMC2 cameras. This provides a streamlined form factor without the need to use cables or support arms and will be available in 500, 1000 and 3000ft variants.

The Bolt DSMC2 uses the same zero-delay wireless video system found in the rest of the Teradek Bolt products. Additional modules can be mounted onto the back of the Bolt DSMC2. The Bolt DSMC2 has mounting and contact points so you can mount other or existing DSMC2 modules like the DSMC2 Base Expander & Battery Expanders.

All three models have the same dimensions, the only difference being the larger antennas on the 3000 version.

The Bolt DSMC2 integrates with all of the existing Bolt products including the Bolt 500/1000/3000, XT and LT systems, as well as their other receiver solutions like SmallHD’s 703 Bolt, Bolt 10K & Sidekick products. You can pair up to four Bolt receivers with the system.

The Bolt DSMC2 units, you will find an HDMI output and on the right side and on the left side, there are a number of LED indicators, a power switch as well as a mini USB port for additional setup and firmware updates.

This system is very similar in design to Movcam’s DarkTower system in terms of integrating wireless video into cameras.

The Bolt DSMC2 ships in Fall 2018.


Bolt 500 DSMC2: $1,690
Bolt 1000 DSMC2: $2,890
Bolt 3000 DSMC2: $5,690

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