New Wooden Camera Pro Power Plates & Adapter Plates

Wooden Camera has announced new Pro Power Plates in partnership with Anton Bauer.

The new Pro Plates have a rugged aluminium body, 3x D-Tap connectors for powering accessories at battery voltage (12-16V), digital fuse with reset button, rear cover plate and captive mounting screws.

If you overload the plate with 6A or more, the digital fuse kicks in and cuts out power to the accessories with the red LED lighting up. What’s nice about this, is that the power to the camera remains unaffected. Once you remove the accessory overloading the plate, you can press the reset button to re-enable the accessory power again.

The Pro Power Plates can be attached directly to a camera or mounting accessory.

The V-Mount Pro Power Plate & Gold Mount Pro Power Plate retail for $175 USD and is available

Another variation of the Pro Power Plate is the Adapter Plates which convert V-Mount to Gold Mount & Gold Mount to V-mount.

These plates adapt the V-Mount to Gold Mount or from Gold Mount to V-Mount, letting you use the different style batteries with the plates. These adapter plates retail for USD $249.

If you want to power the camera as well as accessories, Wooden Camera also has cabled versions of the Pro Plates for various camera types. starting at $299 USD.



Just some of the power options in the new Pro Plate series.


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