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Mini PAGlink Batteries

Mini PAGlink Landing Page A copy

PAG has announced the new Mini PAGlink line of batteries that incorporates a number of features from their full-size batteries.

The nice thing about the PAGlink batteries is the ability to piggyback the batteries together when using them or charging them. The new range will be available in 50Wh & 100Wh and are compatible with existing V-Mount & Gold Mount battery plates.

The new form factor makes them ideal for use with smaller cameras like the EVA1, Sony FS5/FS7 and even in a mirrorless camera setup or director’s monitor. You can see a size comparison below.

PAG’s patented PAGlink technology lets you mix and match battery capacities, in any state-of-charge and offer a maximum current draw of up to 12A.

Each battery includes a fixed D-Tap output and a removable 2A USB that can be swapped for a Lemo, Hirose or another D-Tap.

The batteries also have a display to inform you of the remaining battery life and number of charge/discharge cycles. When charging the batteries, you can use a link up to 8 batteries which will be charged simultaneously.

Other unique features include a high-resolution, numeric display of run-time on-load, available capacity as a percentage and battery data such as the number of charge/discharge cycles. The batteries feature digital communication which enables them to display capacity in the camera VF/ LCD.

The battery also features two bush inserts (1/4”) that enable the mounting of a handle or an accessory bracket to individual or linked batteries.

We’ll be getting a closer look at the new Mini PAGlink batteries at the IBC show.

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