Bright Tangerine Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate

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Bright Tangerine has released their Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Plate. It is a universal bridge plate that provides optimal balance and quick release capabilities for your camera rig using an ARRI standard dovetail. This allows shooters to snap on, snap off their camera very quickly.

The bridge plate is compatible with both ARRI & RED height standards, using a reversible inner plate. To convert from one mode to the other, it is as simple as reversing the inner plate. The bridge plate features a three-stage release system so your camera is not only secure but also quick to release from any ARRI standard dovetail.
The ARRI dovetail is industry-standard, and it is a proven system for a reason. It allows you to fine-tune the balance of your camera by sliding it along the length of the dovetail plate. The only trouble with the ARRI dovetail systems is you need to slide the camera on and off the dovetail plate and this can be tricky, especially with heavy camera payloads. Depending on the accessories, you may also need to move and adjust them before being able to slide the camera off the dovetail.
The nice thing about a quick release bridge plate such as Bright Tangerine’s version is that not only does it let you snap on and snap off your camera, but it also maintains the ability to slide along the length of an ARRI standard dovetail plate.
You would think with this being the case that there would be plenty of quick release plates available for the ARRI dovetail system, but surprisingly there isn’t. There are only a few solutions available, and the Bright tangerine Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Plate is the latest to hit the market.

So how does it work?

Locked position: When the lever is set in the most forward position, the bridge plate is locked and secured to the dovetail.
Sliding position: When the lever is released to the middle position, the bridge plate is able to slide back and forth along the dovetail to provide optimal balance and positioning of the camera on the dovetail.
Release position: Engaging the safety eject, the lever can be positioned to the most backward position. The Bridge Plate is now in open mode and can be lifted off the dovetail vertically without having to slide it off the whole dovetail. This provides a much quicker release method when moving from multiple rig setups.
When you are changing modes, the orange lever locks it into the selected position so you don’t have to hold the lever while making your adjustments or snapping the camera on and off.
With a slotted design, the bridge plate can accommodate a wide range of cameras, not just those from ARRI and RED.  Accessories can also be mounted to the Bridge Plate using the ARRI standard Rosette, 1/4″-20 or ARRI accessory mount (3/8″-16 with Anti-Twist). Two industry standard 19mm studio rods can be inserted and secured with the two kip levers.


Bright Tangerine’s 19mm Studio QR Bridge Plate isn’t the bridge plate for ARRI standard dovetail plates. ARRI has the BP-8 Bridgeplate as well as the CBP-1 Compact Bridge Plate specifically for the Alexa Mini. Wooden Camera also has the Unified Bridgeplate (19mm), and Teradek Offhollywood has the BP19 – 19mm Bridge Plate.

None of these, however, offer the snap on & off feature like the Bright Tangerine version except the CBP-1 which is only compatible with the Alexa Mini. The CBP-1 is also larger with an integrated shoulder pad.

ARRI CBP-1 Compact Bridge Plate: $1,430.00 USD

ARRI BP-8 Bridgeplate: $1,027 USD

Wooden Camera Unified Bridgeplate (19mm):  $499 USD

Teradek Offhollywood BP19-19mm Bridge Plate: $499 USD


The Bright Tangerine Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Plate will retail for $547 USD and it’s expected to start shipping at the end of this month. It looks to be competitively priced when compared to offerings from Wooden Camera and Teradek Offhollywood.

There will also be a model for those using the 15mm Studio standard.

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