Panasonic Releases Free VariCam LUT Library

Panasonic has launched a free VariCam LUT Library that enables filmmakers who use the Varicam lineup and EVA1 cinema cameras to create a variety of looks. The VariCam LUT Library contains 35 unique 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables), that was created by Panasonic in conjunction with Local 600 D.I.T.s. The VariCam LUT Library contains display conversion LUTs, as well as artistic look LUTs.

The conversion LUTs provide a neutral matching of the signal to the monitor, so they can be considered technical LUTs. Artistic Look LUTs create stylistic visuals like soft blue dusk, golden magic hour, or harsh desert sun by combining the technical conversion with creative changes to gamma, contrast, saturation, bias, and other aspects.

The LUTs can be used in camera, on set, or in post. LUTs available include a high-contrast black-and-white LUT, a warm golden hour LUT, a colorful high fashion LUT, a faded vintage LUT, and many others.

The VariCam LUT Library makes it far easier for a producer or director to understand and appreciate the look the cinematographer is trying to achieve by being able to see it when you are on location and filming. Having a LUT on set also allows the cinematographer to light and expose precisely to the look he or she is trying to capture. Finally, with the matching LUT available for post, the colorist knows what the cinematographer was working toward.


The VariCam LUT Library comes in three formats: .VLT for loading into VariCam cameras; E-E.CUBE for post color grading; and E-L.CUBE for monitoring LUT box devices. Note that the EVA1 Compact Cinema Camera can record in a matching V-Log/V-Gamut format, so the VariCam LUT Library can also be applied to EVA1 footage in post color grading and on set LUT boxes.

3D LUTs can be loaded into VariCam cinema cameras. These LUTs separately can be applied to monitor outputs, the camera’s viewfinder, recorded proxy files, or even the camera’s master recording. You can also “bake in” a LUT to your master recording, but this is generally not recommended as it restricts the ability to adjust the image in post-production.

The VariCam LUT Library webpage features a preview tool to allow viewing of the LUTs on three sample images: a person, an urban indoor scene, and an outdoor nature scene.

This LUT library is very similar to ARRI’s Look Library. The ARRI Look library contains 87 “looks” that were created by ARRI’s post-production division. The “look” library features a vast range of different looks that can be used either for monitoring or burnt into the image. Not only can you select any one of the 87 different looks, but you can also use them in three intensities. Unlike the VariCam LUT Library, the ARRI Look Library isn’t free and costs 280 Euros ($325 USD).

To explore the VariCam LUT Library and download the free LUT files, visit https://info.panasonic.com/varicam-LUT-library.html.

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