ShooTools Tilt Hi Hat

The ShooTools TiltHi Hat is a universal adapter for half-ball heads that allows you to offset your cameras axis by up to 180°. This is very handy when using sliders and dollies where you want to do a vertical move instead of a horizontal one. It’s also useful for motion controlled sliders with motors and anyone doing automated timelapse moves.

The ShooTools Tilt Hi Hat comes with a set of included adapters so that it will work with any kind of 75 or 100mm half ball head. Its 180° rotation capacity also allows for shooting upside down if the situation requires. It could also be used for shooting vertical video if you are into that sort of thing. Locking off the Tilt Hi Hat looks to be fairly easily through the use of a locking handle that lets you fix the head in any desired position.

The Hi Hat is made out of CNC 6066 aluminum and has been anodized. Additionally, it has 6 x 1/4”-20  and 2 x 3/8”-16 lateral holes that allow you to mount monitors or other accessories to it. The ShooTools Tilt Hi Hat weighs in at 2.42 lb (1.2 kg) and has a load capacity of 44 lb (20 kg) which is pretty impressive.

According to ShooTools, to make it hard and strong, each component undergoes two distinct types of treatment: the first one-shot peening through ceramic spheres — increases the hardness and the resistance to metal fatigue, and provides a pleasant high grip finish. The second treatment – anodizing at 30 microns – protects the device from any external agents. ShooTools is so confident in the build quality that they offer a lifetime warranty on the Tilt Hi Hat.

This new product gives shooters a lot of flexibility in the way they can use a hi-hat. The ShooTools Tilt Hi Hat adds functionality and creativity to equipment you probably already own, and that is always a good thing.

The ShooTools Tilt Hi Hat retails for €349.00 or in the US it is $390.00 USD.

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