Sony introduces the World’s lightest 400mm F2.8 Lens

The lens options for Sony E-mount are growing by the day with more third-party lens manufacturers jumping on board. Sony has continued to grow its own line of native E-mount glass by announcing the latest to their G Master line up with the Super-telephoto 400mm F2.8 GM OSS prime lens.

Aimed at pro sports cameras and wildlife photographers, Sony claims the lens to be the lightest at just 2895 grams (102.2 ounces), with faster AF, better image quality and smooth round bokeh thanks to its 11-blade circular aperture mechanism.

Paired with the Sony A9, the combination will be a great option when you need high FPS with excellent autofocus tracking capabilities, especially with the use of Sony’s EYE AF features. For extra reach, the lens is compatible with the 1.4x and 2.0x tele-converters providing up to 800mm focal lengths at an F5.6 aperture.

Optional Polarizer

Available in December will also be an optional Drop-in circular polariser which has an outer gear to adjust the degree of polarisation. The same Drop-in filter slot can also accept 40.5mm ND and other types of filters.

Pricing & Availability

The lens isn’t cheap though, at USD $12,000 with the optional Drop-in Circular Polarizing Filter (VF-DCPL1) at USD $400. The lens comes with a carbon fiber lens hood and a dedicated trunk style hard case for transport.


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