Adobe introduces Project Rush a cross-device video editing app

Adobe introduces Project Rush, a cross-device video editing app that lets you edit on a smartphone or tablet and then open the project on a PC with full Premiere Pro support. Here is how Adobe lays out Project Rush.


  • You’re busy. You’re creating content for multiple social channels weekly, if not daily — and you have a life. You’re not just creators — you’re business people, adventurers, students, and so much more — and you’re often on-the-go with only your phone in tow (and maybe some friends and family, too).
  • You’re real. The videos you share reflect the journey that you’re on, even the less-than-picture-perfect moments, and you need video creation tools that help you showcase your individual, authentic personal brand.
  • It’s not just about editing. It’s about your story and the connection you’re building with your community. It’s about sharing the things you’ve learned, expressing your ideas, and learning from others. Great looking and sounding content is still super important — but it’s so much bigger than that.
  • You’re using many tools. From shooting, to titles, to editing, to thumbnails, there isn’t just one tool that helps you accomplish everything you want to achieve, and switching between them all is such a process.
  • And most importantly — each one of you is so unique that even coming up with this short list was tough.

If you have ever edited video on a smartphone or tablet it can be a frustrating experience. I did try to use iMovie on my iPhone and it’s no fun at all. Adobe’s goal is to make editing easy with simple tools for color, audio, motion graphics, and more. Then share directly from the app to your favorite social media channels. All your edits are automatically synced to the Cloud so you have access to your latest versions.

This new concept looks to be based around using a smartphone as your camera and editing all the content on the same device or tablet. Importing footage from other sources is something many would probably like to do if higher quality video footage is important. At this time I’m not sure this is possible but it would seem like a good idea.

If you’re at VidCon on June 23 Adobe has a public sneak preview with Shameless Maya from 11:30am – 1:00pm PT

  • Adobe Booth on Community Floor (Booth #1401)
  • Workshops and Speaking Sessions:
  • Crash Course: Creating Content with Adobe Creative Cloud – June 21st 11:30-12:30pm – Room 260
  • Color Makes your Content POP with Premiere Pro – June 22nd 4:00-5:00pm – Room 255
  • Create Videos That Actually Grab Attention (includes Rush) – June 22nd 1:00-2:00pm – Room 260
  • Up Your Graphics Game with Premiere Pro – June 23rd 1:00-2:00p

Project Rush is in beta and Adobe is looking for participants to contribute. If this sounds like something you’re interested in here is the online application.


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