Tilta cages for RED DSMC2, Alexa Mini, Sony Venice & A7/A9

At Cine Gear 2018, Tilta was showing updated camera cages for RED DSMC2, ARRI Alexa Mini & Sony Venice and A7/A9 series of cameras.

Many of the cages featured new ports and integration with their Nucleus M system.

The RED DSMC2 and Alexa Mini cages are updates on their current versions with changes made from customer feedback. The updated versions of the RED DSMC2 & Alexa Mini cages will be shipping in approximately two months time.

A new cage for the newer A7r III, A7 III & A9 is also now available. The cage not only features a quick release system to attach to the 15mm LWS bridge plate but also to remove the camera from the cage itself. This is usually one of the pain points for taking a camera in & out of a camera cage. The cage retails for USD $350. Additionally, for an extra USD $150, you can purchase the cage with a wooden handle that has run/stop capability with the included cable.

For the Sony Venice, Tilta has a battery plate, top plate with power ports and a larger top handle that curves to the back of the battery plate to manoeuvre the camera from the back. The cage is expected to retail around USD $2000.

Erik has just received his cage for his Sony A7 III so stay tuned for a full hands-on review.


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