Panasonic EVA1 5.7K output now available for Shogun Inferno with AtomosOS 9.11

EVA1 and Shogun Inferno

If you’ve been waiting for 5.7K raw output from the Panasonic EVA1, the wait is finally over. Today, Atomos released AtomOS 9.1 for the Shogun Inferno to enable recording of the 5.7K output to ProRes RAW.

Panasonic EVA1 5.7k Raw Shogun Inferno

• Frame rates supported: 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
• Recording is supported for ProRes RAW only.
Automatic HDR configuration in playback
• When playing a movie recorded with AtomHDR monitoring enabled all HDR settings will be automatically
restored to match the settings when the recording was started.
• Select the “Auto HDR” button to enable this feature.

A few key things are ProRes RAW is the only option to record 5.7K too. If you are not an FCPX user then that’s a problem. Frame rates are limited to 23.98/24/25/29.97/30

The Panasonic EVA1 offers a lot of quality for its price point now with 5.7K out functioning with the Atomos Inferno the last big feature is now unlocked.

A bug has been reported on the EVA1 Facebook group recording where certain lenses will prevent the Shogun Inferno from recording the raw output. Specifically, when using a lens adaptor with no contacts or the PL mod as the camera expects meta data. Both Atomos and Panasonic are investigating the issue.


AtomOS 9.11 is now available which has fixed the bug that caused certain lenses not to work.

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