Invest in your craft with MZed’s Summer Sale, 4 days only

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MZed is having a massive sale starting Friday for only four days, offering considerable discounts on their MZed Pro memberships and individual courses.
It’s not often that MZed has a sale so if you have considered signing up in the past, now would be a good time to do so.
The MZed Pro membership plus Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass is available for just $300, which is giving you Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass ($199) for an extra $1.
The stand-alone MZed Pro membership which gives you full access to stream over 150 hours of education is down to $249 from $299.

What is MZed Pro?

MZed Pro gives you unlimited access to more than 140 hours of filmmaking and photography courses from Shane Hurlbut ASC, Vincent Laforet, Alex Buono, Jerry Ghionis and many more. By joining up you also get access to a number of discounts to popular filmmaking resources like HedgeFilmConvert & more.

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Individual Courses

If you’d prefer to download complete courses to watch and keep, individual courses have also been discounted at 50-60% off.

Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass $129 (save $70)

Join filmmaker, educator and pioneer Philip Bloom as he embarks on his most adventurous project to date. From the wind-swept coast of Ireland to the unforgiving heat of the Mojave desert, USA, travel with Philip as he guides you through the art and science of filmmaking, and shares his most important advice for capturing the style of cinematic images that have made him one of the world’s most beloved independent filmmakers. Available in gorgeous 4K resolution, Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass is an eight hour journey that will educate, entertain and inspire you.

Directing Color $39 (save $40) – See our review

In Directing Color, filmmaker, editor and colorist Ollie Kenchington explores how visual language cues, color theory and even color grading techniques can be used throughout the filmmaking process to not just create a “look” but to enhance storytelling. He challenges directors, cinematographers and filmmakers to think of color first rather than the more common approach of leaving color considerations until post-production.

All other courses

View the complete library of filmmaking and photography courses including the Illumination Cinematography Workshop by Shane Hurlbut ASC, Alex Buono’s Art of Visual Storytelling series and Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion.

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