MZed Pro: $299 US all-you-can-eat online filmmaking courses

I’m a huge advocate of ‘never stop learning.’ I have been going to workshops and taking online courses for a long time. It keeps me fresh and engaged in the craft that I love. Watching others and how they work is eye opening. I love learning so much I actually started teaching! I have a few lessons on Lynda.com and it’s fun to teach others as well as learn.

One great resource I’ve taken advantage of is MZed. Fortunately some of the great MZed workshops have come to my home town on several occasions. I went to see Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling Tours. Yes both of them! and Vincent LaForet’s Directing Motion Tour. These were very good and boy did I learn a lot. Nothing like seeing a master engaged and sharing their knowledge with a room full of hungry DPs.

Since being founded over 50 years ago by portrait photographer Monte Zucker, MZed has educated more than a hundred thousand students all over the world.

MZed Is Back!

Not only did MZed run these great workshop tours but they also recorded them and created DVDs. Now MZed is relaunching with a whole new way to watch filmmaking and photography training, presented by masters of their craft.

The new improved MZed is a subscription based service that gives you access to all the content on the site for a yearly membership that starts at $299 US. I payed a lot more than that for just one workshop! This new service will allow MZed’s critically acclaimed courses to be seen by many more students, streamed to any web-enabled device. Much better than a pile of DVDs. Just log in and start learning anywhere.

There’s more than 140 hours of stuff to watch, including an all-new six hour Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass coming in September. Access to this will command a premium on top of the $299 US subscription fee, but MZed are offering a pre-order bundle with membership for $399 US. This is also an indication that MZed isn’t resting on its laurels but planning to invest in future content for its members.

Check out the full course outline below.

Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass


Like I mentioned I’m a huge fan of always learning new things and ways to be creative. You can watch a ton of tutorials on software but the art of filmmaking is much harder to find – and the talent MZed has for us to learn from can’t be beat.

MZed’s teachers:

  • Philip Bloom
  • Mark Edward Lewis
  • Vincent Laforet
  • Shane Hurlbut ASC
  • Alex Buono
  • Adam Epstein
  • Clay Blackmore
  • Bob Davis
  • Stephen Eastwood
  • Jerry Ghionis

This is a very experienced pack of filmmakers ready to share with you what they have learned about their craft.

Now if you’ll excuse me it’s time for me to log on and watch Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Workshop. Six and a half hours of pure gold!



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