LIV – Virtual Reality Spectating of the Future

There is no doubt that live streaming of gameplay is huge with platforms like Twitch and Youtube Gaming growing daily. With the recent advent of VR headsets like the HTC VIVE Pro & Oculus Rift, we are seeing VR gaming also being live-streamed, generally in first person view.

LIV is looking to change this with their new Cube mixed-reality pop-up system that displays in a third-person style with the player being rendered into the video game in real-time.

The Cube

The Cube measures in at 8x8x8 feet or 2.44×2.44×2.44 meters and weighs 50lbs/22.6kg. It takes approximately 1-hour to set up.

Twelve chained LED lights run around the edge of the opening to provide an even lighting of the subject for a clean key on the 354C Green-screen. Using a camera, the live action is mixed in with the VR content. Using the LIV Client, you can then configure your mixed-reality. LIV has a guide available.

Modular Upgrades

According to the FAQ, LIV will be releasing add-ons and interchangeable parts that allow you to do volumetric capturing, 3D scanning, 360-degree photos, and motion capture.


Not just for gaming

Where do you see this technology being used for cinematography? we have already seen 3D being used for pre-visualisation in the case of Cine Designer with Matt Workman.

Crane vs NYC #cinedestruction

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The LIV Client & SDK files for Unreal Engine & Unity are available from the LIV Download Page.


The LIV Cube is designed to work with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Windows MR Headsets, Pimax, and the upcoming 60GHz wireless headsets.

Pricing & Availability

The Cube will retail for USD $3000 with pre-orders being accepted now and is expected to ship in July 2018.



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