GoPro Trade Up – get $50 off a HERO6 Black or $100 off a Fusion

GoPro wants to give you a discount on a new HERO6 Black or Fusion if you trade in any old digital camera that had a retail value of at least $99.99 USD when it was new.  The trade in will get you $50 off a HERO6 Black or $100 off a Fusion for each camera you trade in (only one discount is allowed per camera purchase.)  GoPro will also cover the shipping costs both ways.

GoPro doesn’t care if the camera you trade in is in bad condition. They state that it can be “Scratched, dented, dinged, destroyed—no worries.” So if you have an old camera sitting around that isn’t worth anything to anyone, then at least GoPro will take it off your hands and you will get something back. As they say, something is better than nothing.

The GoPro TradeUp Program is valid from April 18, 2018 at 7:00 a.m. PST and will continue until GoPro terminates the program at its sole discretion. Unfortunately this deal only applies to people living in the US and purchases have to be made on the gopro.com website.

Some of the  terms and conditions of the deal make for funny reading, such as this paragraph- “You must be the owner of the used device—the Program is not valid on stolen property. Retailers may not participate in the Program by returning in-stock inventory.”  GoPro isn’t going to take your old camera and put it on Ebay, instead they will recycle old cameras through zero-landfill methods.

This is not the first time GoPro have done a trade in program. Just last year they offered a $100 USD discount on the HERO 5 Black if you traded in any old HERO camera. According to sources an estimated 12,000 people took advantage of that program.

With GoPro stock prices still skating on thin ice, the company is seemingly looking at anyway possible to shift more stock. Just how many people will take up this trade up opportunity remains to be seen.

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