White Point Optics vintage medium format Hasselblad reengineered cine lenses

White Point Optics is a Finnish company that takes vintage Hasselblad optics and reengineers them to perform at their peak performance for filmmaking. The look of the vintage lenses gives the image a lot of character that compliments modern high detail images that come from digital cinema cameras.


The lenses are housed in a bespoke mechanism which is exclusively handmade in Finland. The lenses have an 82mm image circle and are designed for medium format 6×6 stills camera and easily exceeds the current batch of full frame cinema sensors. All the optics are removed from the original housing and rehoused, respaced and tuned up to give the lenses an even better look.

White Point Optics_3

Another interesting option of the White Point Optics cine lenses is a Tilt-Shift PL mount.

Lens Mount:  PL, LPL, E, and EF – Stainless Steel
Front Diameter: 114mm
Matched Focus/Iris Ring Locations: Yes (all focal lengths)
Iris Blades: 10
Iris Shape: Circular through all stops
Focus Scale: Metric/Imperial
Image circle: 82mm
Tilt-Swing (Optional for all lenses): 9 degrees (without vignetting or distortion Super35 to the Arri Alexa 65).

As of now White Point Optics has five lenses available and will add five more in the near future to make a full 10 lenses set. These cinema lenses are expensive. The full five lens set retails for $108,000 US.

50mm, 150mm, 250mm and 500mm available late 2018.

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