Musicbed to offer subscription option

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Musicbed has announced today at NAB 2018 that they are planning to offer a subscription option to their pricing. Musicbed is a site that sells music for content creators to use in their productions. To date, they have had a model that sells their tracks individually on a per use basis.


The industry has seen a host of similar services come out in the last few years but most of those have offered subscription services instead of a “pay per unit”. So it’s nice to see that Musicbed has decided to offer this as an option as well. This will live alongside their existing options for purchase.

Musicbed also says that every song will be pre-cleared for YouTube.

Musicbed subscription

Musicbed Pricing and Availability

Musicbed have said that the feature will be rolling out the Summer in the northern hemisphere of 2018.

They have said that there will be different tiers depending on how the audio is to be used. For example, is it going to be a local campaign or global? Is it going to be for a not for profit or an ad agency? It will be available on a monthly or annual basis.

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