Ikan’s NAB Product Releases


Ikan has announced a number of new products leading up to NAB 2018 including new lights, on-camera monitor, lightweight teleprompter and more.

There isn’t too much information provided at this stage but all of the new products will be displayed at NAB 2018 so let us know if any are of interest and we’ll take a closer look.

CB8 Canvas Fabric LED Light Kit

The CB8 is a flexible LED panel that has a claimed 95+ CRI & TLCI rating. It is colour temperature adjustable between 3200K and 5600K.

The CB8 will be available in a two light or three light kits which will include stands, bags and a softbox diffuser.

Helia LED Fresnel Light

The Helia HF150 is a 150W 4″ Fresnel bi-colour LED light. It has a claimed 96+ CRI and TLCI rating.

Oryon Ring Lights

The Oryon series is a new line of large diameter ring lights consisting of a 40-led 14″, 48-led 18″ and a 60-led 18″ version which includes a cosmetic mirror. All of the lights have a half-stop diffuser and have a claimed 96+ CRI & TLCI rating. The lights are powered by Sony L series batteries.

PT-Elite-LS Lightweight Teleprompter

The PT-ELITE-LS is a lightweight teleprompter that can be mounted on a light stand. It uses American-made 70/30 beam splitter glass with an adjustable frame. There are no specifications on the size of the monitor that can be mounted. This looks to be a nice affordable option for anyone looking for a simple teleprompter set up.

NiSi Variable ND Filters & P1 Smartphone Filter System

A new range of variable ND filters is available that have a range of 1.5 to 5 stops of ND. They claim not to have the usual “X” effect that many variable ND filters experience.

The P1 smartphone-mountable system is a new filter system for smartphones that includes a mounting clip to clamp on to different smartphones and a 40mm filter mount. A circular polarizer and medium GND8 (0.9) 3 stop graduated filter is included with the system.


Stratus Camera Cages and Accessories

The new Stratus line includes four new camera cage rigs, a follow focus and a lens support system for the Sony a6500, A7 II series, A7 III series and Panasonic GH4 & GH5.

All of the cages feature a NATO-compatible top handle and an ARCA-Swiss style quick release plate.

DH7-V2 On-Camera Monitor

The DH7-V2 is an updated version of the original 7″ DH7 monitor. It supports a 4K signal with the ability to load in 3D LUTs for viewing.


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