Kessler’s new Jog Control for Second Shooter Plus & CineDrive

The folks over at Kessler have released the Digital Jog Control, a wireless hand-wheel unit to control the Kessler F.I.Z. motor when connected to the Kessler Second Shooter Plus, dual Second Shooter Plus controllers in bridge mode or directly wired to Cinedrive.


Until now, you were able to programme in your focus, iris and zooms with the Kessler systems, but with the new jog control, you can manually control them without the need to pre-programme them with keyframes.

This adds a nice new set of options. For example, you could set your dolly or slider moves, but change the focus on the fly. Maybe you try one focus pull on a slider move and on the next run of the slides you try a different focus pull. In this way, it can save you the time of having to stop the slider, reprogram and try again.

Another example of how it could be used is in a two-person crew with a shoulder rig. The camera operator can take care of camera movement, composition and an assistant or director can take care of the focus remotely. A nice little feature that Kessler thought of is that the unit has two pairs of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 tapped holes. So it’s easy to attach a wireless monitor, which will allow the operator to see what they are doing without having to contort themselves to see the monitor on the camera. You will need to add a wireless video transmission separately though. There’s also a USB port for firmware updates.

The Jog Control has an internal battery that should last for a few hours (though Kessler doesn’t say exactly how long). It also has a Magnalink built in so that you can easily attach an external Kessler MagPak Battery for more power. The motor speed can be adjusted from hand unit, with four speed options available. Four may not sound like much, but in most cases that would be what most people would require. The Jog system has auto calibration for cine lenses with hard stops as well as full manual calibration and subset calibration for still lenses.

Kessler has included the standards that most follow focuses need such as having a weighted jog knob and removable marking disks.

What’s Required?

Since the Jog Dial is designed to work with Kessler’s existing systems, if you don’t already own any of these it may not be for you. For existing owners, here is what you will need to use the Jog Dial.

Required items for use with Second Shooter Plus:

  • Second Shooter Plus Controller
  • CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3.
  • Second Shooter F.I.Z. Adapter Cable
  • * Note for Second Shooter Plus users: When using the Digital Jog Control with the Second Shooter Plus, the Second Shooter Plus controller MUST be wireless-enabled, which means the Jog Control cannot be used in conjunction with the Digital Control Center.

Required items for use with CineDrive*:

  • CineDrive Brain
  • CineDrive F.I.Z. Motor V3.
  • CineDrive Motor Control Box
  • CineDrive Control Cable
  • * Support for use with CineDrive to be released with future firmware updates.

It’s difficult to show exact alternatives as very few systems sell just the controller without the motors that go with them. The alternative would be to use a totally separate wireless follow focus systems like the Tilta Nucleus, Teradek RT, or even the Aputure DEC.

Pricing & Availability

This looks like a great addition to an already rock solid system that Kessler offers single shooters as well as crews. The Jog Control retails for USD $799.95 and is available from Kessler’s website.

You will also need to add a Second Shooter (from $599) & Second Shooter F.I.Z. motor ($659.95)

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