Atomos Sumo Price Drop & Switching Update

For six weeks until the end of NAB, Atomos is dropping the price of the Sumo19 by $500 and Sumo19m by $400.

This effectively makes the Sumo19 $1,995 and the Sumo19M $1,595.

Simon Glass recently did a full review of the Sumo19 which you can read here.

See the full review of the Sumo19

Switching Update

When the Sumo19 was announced at NAB 2017, one of the big features of the Sumo was the ability to use it as a quad-input live switcher. Atomos will finally be ready to deliver the update in April for NAB 2018.

This will only be the first part of the update though as it will only add the synchronous switching between four genlocked HD sources with the asynchronous recording to be released after with no timeframe mentioned.


Is the price drop enough for you to pick up the Atoms Sumo as your next purchase? let’s talk in the comments below.

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