ARRI PCA accessories for the Sony Venice

ARRI PCA for Sony VENICE 15mm Studio 0008

ARRI PCA has released a full line of accessories tailored to Sony’s VENICE camera. The pieces are available to be purchased in a kit or individually.

The full details can be viewed on the ARRI PCA website.

The kits are built around the basic set for the Sony Venice which includes the following components:

  • K2.0017137 – Plate For Sony Venice
  • K2.0017138 – Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5
  • K2.66252.0 – Support Rods 340 mm (13.4 inch), Ø 15 mm
  • K2.0000399 – Quick Release Plate, QRP-1

The Quick Release Plate QRP-1, is VCT-compatible and is also compatible with other cameras like the AMIRA.

The Plate for Sony Venice, features two 15mm lightweight supports and a shoulder pad to attach to a VCT-style adaptor or the QRP-1.

Finally, the Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-5 can be used to mount the upper part of the Venice plate to other accessories.

Following on from the basic set, customers can also choose to build out their VENICE camera with the different kits.

Lightweight Kit

Studio 15mm Kit

Studio 19mm Kit

For pricing, contact your local ARRI sales rep.

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