Teradek RT – Wireless Lens Control

rt motor sunset front 1 3048x

Teradek has launched the Teradek RT line of products, bringing in the RT Motion line which was acquired by Vitec back in September 2017.

Many would be familiar with the Latitude system, offering complete wireless FI+Z functionality for any camera with specific motor driver receiver units for RED DSMC2 cameras.

Along with the receivers & motors, the Teradek RT line also has two controller systems (4-axis or 6-axis).

For RED DSMC2 users, the Smartknob is a standalone wired lens controller for Canon EF & Nikon AF lenses. This gives the user follow focus control without having to use lens gears since it uses the EF/AF internal motors of the lens.

Future Integration

We have already started to see Teradek & SmallHD join together to create the 703 Bolt and it’s going to be interesting to see what other products the collaborations come up with.

Perhaps next is an all-in-one transmitter & receiver sending all of your wireless needs such as vision, FI+Z control & more.

Visit www.teradek.com/rt to view the complete collection of products.


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