Kyno 1.4 brings a new Windows version, LUTs, and new codec support

Kyno 1.4 brings a new Windows version, LUTs, new codec support, major productivity enhancements and a new-year sale with a 25% discount until the end of January. If you aren’t familiar with Kyno, you really should be. It’s much more than a full-featured media management system and features a variety of tools for speeding up your workflow.

Open the Window!

It’s taken just over a year but the wait is over for the big Windows community of media professionals. Kyno 1.4 is finally available in a solid Windows version which has been carefully Beta tested by a lot of film, tv and social media professionals. It’s good to see Kyno now available to a much wider range of users, and not those just using Macs.

LUT support

Kyno 1.4
The use of LUTs (look up tables) has increased considerably with more and more cameras now allowing you to shoot Log footage. Kyno 1.4 now provides integration of LUT handling in material preview, organization and transcoding. Lesspain software (the makers of Kyno) claim that version 1.4 offers the fastest and easiest solution of its kind on the market, ideal for QC, postproduction or daily workflows.

Other New Functions

Kyno 1.4
There is a new “play all” function which was designed to further accelerates QC and selection workflows, allowing selected clips to be viewed in sequence with just one click or keyboard shortcut. Kyno’s list view now has configurable columns allowing the user interface to be customized for any task, such as focussing on technical or descriptive metadata or a custom combination of both. The player as well as the subclip user interface has also seen a number of improvements.

Metadata Aware

1.4 is metadata-aware and adds an array of new options for delivery workflows, e.g. delivering so-called “news cuts” or “assembly cuts” with integrated shot lists, can be put together within Kyno in just a few simple steps.

Timecode Burn-In

Kyno 1.4
A much-requested timecode overlay feature (aka burn-in timecode) makes the transcoder a great tool for people generating review copies, which is very common in editorial environments.

More Codec Support

Kyno 1.4
Kyno already accepts a wide range of codecs and now in 1.4 there is a support for GoPro’s Cineform codec.

XML Delivery

Final Cut X and Final Cut 7/Premiere XML export functions have a new option to deliver xml files with relative paths that make it easier to prepare self-contained delivery packages that do not require the receiver to perform reconnect operations within the NLE.

Transcoding Performance Increased

Kyno 1.4
Transcoding performance has become even better for many presets when working on very powerful multi-core machines.

Swatting Those Bugs

Last but not least a number of minor improvements and bug fixes have made it into release 1.4. To see what all of them are, check out the full release notes.

New Year Sale

Beginning with release 1.4 users with licenses older than a year will have the possibility to buy a new one-year period of updates for Kyno for the price of 79 $/EUR to benefit from the new release. Remember that this differs from a subscription. Kyno will still continue to function, but users will not be able to run the newest versions after the update period expires. The 25% discount of the companies new-year sale will also apply to the update license price. Finally they have also reset all trials so users can sign up for a 30-day trial even if they’ve done so previously!

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