Revolva – Built-in filtration for RED DSMC2


KipperTie who are a well known name in the RED community for their drop-in OLPF & ND filters, has announced a new product called the Revolva. The product aims to add internal ND style functionality to the DSMC2 line up.

The Revolva is a complete lens mount for RED DSMC2 bodies available in either PL or EF mount. iData for PL & lens communication for EF is passed through which is important to maintain functionality of EF lens control & stabilisation.

Quick Specs

  • Price: £2000.  Shipping Q1 2018.
  • Includes complete PL or EF mount for RED DSMC2 and two cartridges covering ND 0 (clear) to 2.1 ND in 1 stop steps.
  • Slot in upper right side of mount receives easily swapped cartridge.
  • Each cartridge has four filter positions, changed by rotating orange wheel.
  • Always quick to return to clear filter.
  • No backfocus shift.
  • Most PL and all common EF lenses compatible.
  • PL and EF both have OEM circuitry and firmware support.
  • Designed and made by KipperTie in the UK.
  • Pre-orders open Dec 2017.

Revolva Cartridges

The Revolva uses a quick change cartridge system with each containing four filters. Rotating the filter wheel results in changing the filter. The individual filters in the cartridges are not user changeable.

On its release, KipperTie has the following filter cartridges with further cartridges in development:

  • ND Cartridge 1: 0 (clear) / 0.3 / 0.6 / 0.9
  • ND Cartridge 2: 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1
  • Diffusion Cartridge #1: Gold / Carbon / Pearl / Optical Clear


Backfocus Compensation

KipperTie claims that back focus is compensated for in the Revolva with the filters having a high refractive index rear optical window combined with precise and specific flange depths. Adjusting back focus on RED DSMC2 body can also be done manually.

What are the negatives?

  • Certain lenses just don’t fit.
  • A small number of lenses vignette on VV.
  • Gate flare when not using a sunshade is potentially different from normal expectation.
  • Certain combinations of camera accessories will obstruct fitment and require changes to your rigging.

Pricing & Availability

The Revolva is available for pre-order with the kits priced at £2000.  The diffusion cartridge is priced at £750. The Revolva is expected to start shipping in March/April 2018.

Considering the price of a standard DSMC2 lens mount, matte box with accessories & the individual ND filters, the Revolva does look like great value.





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