Panasonic updates AU-EVA1 grip design for better performance

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The EVA1 has been out for a few weeks now creating some nice images for users, however, due to an issue that has come up with the grip not locking down firmly Panasonic has redesigned the grip and is replacing them free of charge.

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All new EVA1’s will have the redesigned grip that allows greater flexibility to add accessories and larger lenses.

EVA1 Grip

The redesign is a change to the rotation mechanism when several accessories were added to the camera and adding extra weight it was causing the grip to spin on its own. To remedy this, the torque-stress limit of the grip has been raised from its original design, and has been tested so that up to 4kg of accessories and lens can be added to the camera.

The AU-EVA1 grip features a one-touch rotating design for quick repositioning whilst shooting. This new design allows for flexibility in the grip positioning, offering approximately 1.5 degrees of rotation. This has no effect on the strength of the grip, or its ability to support the AU-EVA1 and accessories.

Replacement of AU-EVA1 Grip

Panasonic has listed out the serial numbers for each camera that requires a grip replacement. To check if your camera is on the list, select your region of purchase from the list:

It’s a good sign when a company address the issue quickly and takes care of their customers. Nicely done Panasonic!

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