Sony VENICE goes full frame on release

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Sony’s new flagship cinema camera VENICE isn’t shipping yet, however, they have had extensive conversations with filmmakers following the camera’s debut, and Sony is responding to the strong requests for VENICE to have full frame image capture from day one.

VENICE starts shipping in February 2018 and the full frame feature will be a paid upgrade. Pricing to unlock the feature has not been announced.

The feature enables filmmakers to realize VENICE’s full potential by utilizing 24x36mm Full-Frame 6K recording in Sony’s 16-bit acquisition format, X-OCN. In addition to full frame image capture, Sony has an extensive roadmap of paid features planned to be implemented in future firmware upgrades

“Sony’s development of the VENICE motion picture camera platform represents our commitment to the film industry in furthering image capture in the key areas of dynamic range, color rendition, and large format aspect ratio freedom. VENICE demonstrates our commitment to developing tools that support Directors and Cinematographers in bringing their vision to the screen”, said Claus Pfeifer, Head of Technical Sales, Broadcast & Cinematography, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “This announcement reflects our strong relationship with filmmakers around the world and enables them to create Emotion in Every Frame.”

VENICE on sticks 

The list price is $42,000US. for the VENICE CineAlta digital motion picture camera system. it’s scheduled to be available in February 2018. For more information about the VENICE platform please visit www.sony.net/pro/VENICE


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