Fiilex P360 Classic portable LED fixture

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Fiilex have announced the P360 Classic portable LED fixture, which is essentially an updated version of their original P360.

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and that’s exactly the case with the P360 Classic. All Fiilex have done is take an already good light and added several new features and modified the design slightly. The fixture is claimed to dim to its lowest power settings without any flickering or colour shifts, all while maintaining extremely accurate colour across its kelvin colour temperature range. Speaking of kelvin, the new P360 Classic is adjustable between 2800-6500K, which is a good increase over the original P360s 3000-5600K.

Give me more power

The Classic is said to be significantly brighter than older generation P360s, while drawing the same 90W of power. When set at 5600K at distance of 1m (3.3ft), the P360 Classic is claimed to output 2912lx, which is about 30% more than the original P360, and a couple of hundred lux more than the P360 Pro Plus. This brightness increase is a welcome addition, as I personally found the original P360 to be a little underwhelming when it came to output.

5″ Zoom Fresnel Accessory

The lights beam angle is 65°, but there is a 5” Zoom Fresnel attachment that can increase beam intensity by up to 800%. The P360 Classic is compatible with a wide range of Fiilex accessories, from small magnetic diffusers and gel holders, to larger softboxes. The extended yoke and spigot allow users to manipulate the softbox and fresnel attachments.

Dense Matrix

Fiilex’s Dense Matrix LED array, packs dozens of custom-manufactured LED chips under a single glass optic. This allows the P360 Classic to maintain a compact form-factor. For those users wanting multiple P360 Classics Fiilex offers a range of travel kits.

Broadcast-quality illumination
Extended CCT range (2800-6500K)
Flicker-free dimming w/ no color shift
Enhanced brightness vs. P360 Gen. 1
Accessory lock
Extended yoke + spigot
Durable construction
Weighs only 1.9 lbs
Runs on 12-28V broadcast batteries
w/ D-Tap Cable accessory

Fiilex P360 Classic
Claimed colour rendering performance

The P360 Classic is now shipping for a RRP of $595US, which is considerbably more expensive than the $395US price of the original P360, but cheaper than the $995US P360 Pro Plus.

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