F&V 3×1 Soft LED panel light – IBC 2017

The F&V 3×1 Soft LED panel light has been designed to complement the company’s existing range of LED panel lights. F&V now have the Z200S (half the size of a 1×1), Z400S 1×1, Z800S 2×1, and the yet-to-be-named 3×1.

Big, non standard size

3×1 is certainly an interesting size, but it looks like it could be a good light for when you need to illuminate people from head to toe. The fixture seems to be relatively low weight when you compare it to other conventional 2×1 LED panel lights on the market.

The light being shown was still a prototype and the final unit will not have the power supply attached to the back of the light.

Plug-in power only (for now)

The 3×1 draws 270W so you can’t run it off camera batteries. F&V are developing their own DC power solution so you will be able to power the light remotely in the field.

F&V 3×1 Soft LED panel price and availability

The light will be available in around two-three months’ time and the expected price will be around €2,000.

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