Lupo Soft SuperPanel and Dayled bi-colour fresnel LED lights – IBC 2017

The Lupo Soft Superpanel is a new, diffused, version of the company’s popular high output 1×1-style SuperPanel LED light. Matt reviewed the Lupo Superpanel last year, and was very impressed by the light’s output and colour rendition.

Lupo Soft SuperPanel
The Soft SuperPanel features integrated diffusion.

Softly softly

The Lupo Soft SuperPanel takes that light, keeps the 5000lux of output and adds an integrated diffusion panel. This results in a wider beam spread of 120° and means you lose the point source from all the individual LEDs in the panel. The Soft SuperPanel is colour temperature adjustable from 3200K-5600K and is fully dimmable.

Lupo Soft SuperPanel
The rear of the Soft SuperPanel features the controls you’d expect to see for intensity and colour as well as DMX and power.

Responding to demand from clients Lupo have also developed a set of barn doors to fit the SuperPanel range. Perhaps less useful for the soft version in the video above, but could be useful for controlling spill from the harder light version.

Lupo Dayled bi-colour fresnel

Lupo Dayled bi-colour LED fresnel
The Lupo Dayled 2000 is an LED HMI replacement fresnel, previously only available as either a daylight or tungsten version. The Dayled bi-colour fresnel keeps the same housing as the existing models but adds the ability to tune the light’s colour temperature. Lupo claim that output hasn’t been reduced by much in the process.

Lupo Soft SuperPanel and Dayled bi-colour price and availability

The Lupo Soft SuperPanel is expected to start shipping in the next month or two for €1,000 and the Dayled bi-colour will retail for €1,800.

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