Indiecam nakedEYE s4: 6K RAW VR camera system – IBC 2017

At IBC 2017, Indiecam were showing their newest VR camera, the nakedEYE s4, a 6K RAW camera system for high image quality cinematic VR content capture.

Indiecam nakedEYE s4

The camera is very small and features four camera modules with global shutter. They are frame-synchronized, record to 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW and output a final resolution of 6K after stitching.

The recorder unit connects to the camera head via umbilicals.

The nakedEYE s4 should be capable of producing nice imagery and its 12-bit RAW files will definitely allow for a lot of pushing and pulling of the image in post.

The whoe rig – camera and recorder – can be powered by a single V-lock battery.

Indiecam were also showing three other cameras at IBC: the indieDICE 4K, indieDICE, and nakedEYE HDRi.

indieDICE 4K: 2/3″ 12G-SDI POV camera

The indieDICE 4K is a 4K flexible POV 12G-SDI camera for broadcast and film production. The 2/3″ 4K sensor can be used with a wide variety of lenses. The single 12G-SDI cable delivers 4K 60p signals and an additional output allows simultaneous 12G RAW recording for latitude in post processing. Multi matrix broadcast colour management allows for colour matching on large productions. The camera also features passive cooling, flexible mounting, and a compact size.

indieDICE: world’s smallest 2/3″ 3G-SDI camera

The indieDICE is a small global shutter HDSDI camera for broadcast, film production and live virtual reality rigs. It’s based on a global shutter sensor and has a claimed 12 stops of dynamic range. The camera is fully self-contained and does not need a CCU for operation or control as everything is integrated in the tiny body. Full synchronisation, global shutter, 60fps and remote control options facilitate stitching and live VR production.

nakedEYE HDRi: light probes in seconds
NakedEYE HDRi is a specialised camera system for creating spherical 360° HDRi shots and sequences, used for CGI and VFX lighting. It allows highly automated and very quick recordings of large exposure brackets. nakedEYE HDRi also provides timer functions (delayed recording start) and the recording of bracket sequences for moving shots and timelapses. The camera also records GPS as well as other environmental data, and all settings are stored permanently in the system until they are changed by the user.

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