CAME-TV Boltzen RGBTD plus new bi-color fresnel models – IBC 2017

With the popularity of RGB lighting CAME-TV here at IBC have introduced a new line of panel lights in the Boltzen range – the Boltzen RGBTD 20, 70 and 150 models.

CAME-TV Boltzen_

Alphabet soup

The RGBDT lights have new technology where CAME-TV have added daylight and tungsten balanced LEDs to the RGB array to give you more options for controlling the colour temperature of your lights.

New tech, new challenges

Creating accurate color with RGB can be a manufacturing challenge. With the Boltzen RGBDT panels CAME-TV added 5600K daylight and 3200K tungsten LEDs in a separate array to keep the light quality accurate in both output colors.

CAME-TV has rated the CRI of the Boltzen range at 98 when you use the daylight or tungsten LEDs. The RGB and DT groups of lights used together will illuminate with a CRI of approximately 94.

Future upgrades include a iOS and Android apps to control the color range as well as output. The RGBDT also has DMX control via network cables and application control via WiFi.

A nice touch is how the barn doors attach to the fixture frame with strong magnets in the corners. This makes putting on and taking them of an easy fast process. Barn doors on a soft light aren’t for shaping light but will help control spill especially when using a fixture with multiple colors.

Boltzen fresnel goes bi-color

The 60 and 100 watt Boltzen fanless focusable fresnel goes bi-color with a 3200K to 5600K range color.

The Boltzen fresnel’s are also using the new LED technology that allows the fixture to not lose output when switching the color range, making them much easier to use by keeping your camera settings the same.

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