Panasonic EVA1: First footage released – IBC 2017

At IBC today Panasonic released the first short film captured entirely on the EVA1. I had a chance to talk to DOP Filippo Chiesa about using the Panasonic EVA1 on the short film. Filippo had a lot of insight on the EVA1 that I found very interesting.

VariCam LT, EVA1 and GH5 side-by-side

Filippo is a VariCam LT owner-operator and was impressed by how closely the color of the EVA1 matched his camera. This is very good news since Panasonic said their goal was to have them work together for situations where the EVA1 would be a better option – like for lighter, smaller setups on gimbals and drones.

Filippo also says the the GH5 works very well color-wise with the EVA1, quite an accomplishment since all three sensors are different. To have all three work together color wise will make a lot of people happy, whether you’re a VariCam LT user looking for a B-Cam, or a GH5 owner looking for an A-Cam.

All three cameras were shot in V-Log mode and in post they matched very well after the editor dropped the VariCam LUT on the footage.

EF-Mount was the way to go

Filippo Chiesa likes the fact that the EVA1 has an EF mount. He says many users have been using cameras like the Canon 5D Mk II for video capture and the amount of EF lens mount options are huge, including high-end cinema options.

Dual ISO

Filippo likes the Dual ISO feature a lot. He says it’s like the VariCam LT version only with a reduced range. The VariCam LT has 800 & 5000 while the EVA 1’s is 800 & 2500. Dual ISO effectively lets you boost the ISO without adding noise. Filippo didn’t use the higher end of 2500 ISO much except for a few shots while shooting in a cave.

5.7K RAW output

The filmmaker is excited about using the 5.7K RAW output when the feature is available for the EVA1. Filippo says it will make the camera “a real cinema monster.”

EVF and LCD screen

“Most cameras in this price range pretty good LCD screens but not viewfinders.” I have to agree on this point. It’s really hard to shoot with a subpar built in EVF and we generally end up purchasing a larger monitor or adding a viewfinder to the camera.

Filippo used the Zacuto Gratical HD on the EVA1 and owns a Gratical Eye for his VariCam LT. He feels as a DOP it’s very important to have a high quality viewfinder to make sure you are getting a correctly exposed and color balanced shot.

Filippo likes the EVA1 a lot and he is looking forward to adding one to his kit. I too am looking forward to the release of the camera to try it out. I was able to get some hands on time with a Zacuto rig and Gratical HD and it felt great.

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