cmotion cPRO: a new era of focus pulling – IBC 2017

CMotion were showing a rather cool new FIZ controller and motor system which are part of a new line called cPRO. The cmotion cPRO FIZ controller has been designed to be not only ergonomic, but also easy to use.

cmotion have integrated a lot of new technology into the hand controller including a new RF system, hot swappable batteries, a touch sensitive lens data display, and six illuminated user-definable buttons.

The touch sensitive lens data display is the same system that is used in Arri’s Master grips. The display was intuitive to use and the information is clear and easy to read.

cmotion have also incorporated a wireless receiver into their Motion Mini motors to make the whole system more compact. In a three-motor FIZ set-up you use one motor with the built-in wireless receiver and then daisychain your other two motors to it.

cmotion cPRO price and availability

The cmotion cPRO line will start shipping in January next year. The hand controller and one motor with the built-in wireless receiver will be around €6,000.

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