Fujinon UA24x7.8, the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 2/3″ broadcast ENG lens

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Fujinon have just announced the UA24x7.8, the world’s smallest and lightest 4K 2/3″ broadcast ENG lens. While a 2/3″ broadcast lens might not be the most exciting news to you, there is still an awful lot of content that still needs to be created on ENG cameras. This may come as a shock, but not everyone is shooting on Super 35mm digital cinema cameras.

The UA24x7.8 is just 22.5cm (8.85″) long and weighs in at 1.98kg (4.36lb), and supports 4K compatible broadcast ENG cameras. It features a 24x high magnification zoom covering a focal length from 7.8mm to 187mm. This lens looks perfectly suited for live sport broadcasting or press coverage productions which require mobility and a large focal range.

Chromatic aberration, which is a normal occurance in ENG telephoto zooms, is said to be well controlled on this new lens. Fujinon uses a proprietary “HT-EBC (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating)” multi-layer coating for delivering what they claim, is a high level of transmittance and colour reproducibility. By using this lens, Fujinon say it is possible to shoot in “HDR (High Dynamic Range),” reproducing rich tones even when shooting scenes with intense contrast, such as stadiums at dusk.

The lens features 9 aperture blades and is equipped with a 16-bit encoder that is capable of outputting lens data including zoom and focal position information. It can be linked with various other systems such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action footage.

This product expands Fujifilm’s 4K broadcast lens line-up to 8 models in total, helping cater to the growing demand for 4K video acquisition.

The lens is scheduled for release in January 2018. There is currently no indication of pricing.

Model Name- UA24x7.8BE
Camera specifications- 2/3-inch sensor Bayonet-mount cameras
Focal length- (1x) 7.8mm-187mm (2x) 15.6-374mm
Zoom ratio- 24x
Extender- 2x
Maximum aperture ratio- 1:1.8 (7.8mm-118mm) 1:2.85 (187mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D) from the front lens element- 0.8m
Filter thread size- (A filter is to be attached to the lens hood.) Φ100×220.5mm (Φ x Full length)

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