Education site MZed C200 primer course (with a tutor you might recognise…)

Education website MZed have just released the MZed C200 primer course, an extensive seven-part introduction to the Canon C200 camera. The course starts with the camera’s specs and codecs and moves on to getting the most out of the C200 – both while you’re shooting and also in the edit.

Presentation’s what you need

MZed C200 course
Matt in action explaining the inner workings of the C200. Looks like all that practice presenting videos for Newsshooter paid off!

Of course whether tutorial videos succeed or fail is down to the presenter. And this series is hosted by expert news camera operator and cinematographer Matthew Allard ACS. Apparently he also writes a blog or something? Anyway, the course builds on Matt’s mammoth review of the C200 with more depth, taking you through each of the camera’s features and how to get the best results.

A forthcoming module by Ben Allan ACS will also deal with best practice for workflow in post production and how to get the most out of Canon’s new Cinema RAW Light format.

MZed C200 course
Apparently the red button is kind of important?

Course overview

The full course comprises:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the C200
  • Lesson 2: External Camera Controls
  • Lesson 3: Menu and Setup
  • Lesson 4: Autofocus, High speed and WiFi
  • Lesson 5: Test footage
  • Lesson 6: Low light performance
  • Lesson 7: Post production workflow (coming soon)

MZed C200 primer course: price and availability

The videos are available now and are included as part of the subscription package for MZed Pro members.The series is also available to buy and download for a one-off fee of $49 US.

If you’ve recently taken the plunge and bought a C200 the series is a really worthwhile watch and will help you get the best out of your new camera. Let’s stop arguing about codecs and get out and shoot something!

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