LukiLink: more details on the HDMI-to-smartphone monitor

A few weeks ago we showed you the LukiLink, a device that allows you to connect your camera to your smartphone via HDMI. Well now the Kickstarter is live and they have a few video examples of how the system actually works.

Lukilink HDMI-to-smartphone monitor

The Lukilink is a small box that connects any camera with an HDMI output to a smartphone or tablet. It does this by converting the signal and then passing it over USB. Unfortunately Lukilink is only currently compatible with Android phones and PC tablets and won’t work with Apple devices. Don’t fret though, according to the company they are planning an iOS app that should be available in October.

Lukilink HDMI-to-smartphone monitor

LukiLink also lets you turn your phone or tablet into an external recorder. The device will accept 1920×1080 HDMI sources at up to 60p, but you are limited to recording in 1920×1080 at up to 30p.

The vision will be recorded in MP4 (H.264) at a maximum bitrate of 18Mbps. Yes this is a very low bitrate codec and most professionals are not going to be using Lukilink to record their footage, but it is a handy way of being able to directly upload material to social media platforms.

One of the big concerns our readers had was how bad the latency would be. Well above you can see a test done by Lukilink. There looks to be quite a noticeable delay and just how usable this would be in the real world could make or break this product.

Before the product is ready for launch, Lukilink are looking at incorporating new features such as LUTs, less delay, 4K support, waveform, and focus peaking.

Lukilink is available to order now on Kickstarter at an early bird price of €79. A word of warning, backing projects on any form of crowdfunding platform is at your own risk.

What do you think of Lukilink now that you have seen how it works. Is the latency a dealbreaker? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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