Cineo Quantum c80 large LED fixture – Newsshooter at Cine Gear 2017

Sometimes you just need something a little… bigger. If so, the Cineo c80 could be just what you’re after. It’s a 2′ x 4′ sized soft light source that Cineo are aiming at the rental market (no purchase information was available, which is always a little sobering).

Remote phosphor no more

The c80 makes use of ‘custom blended’ LEDs, with lots of red for skin tones but no greens – the result is a very pure white light that the company describe as a ‘reference source not a party trick.’ Ouch.

It’s designed for use in situations where simplicity and repeatability are key, and where you’re after accurate reproduction of skin tones above all else.

Passive cooling

Cineo c80
The back of the fixture is a giant heatsink.

There are no fans on the unit – cooling is handled, as it is on all Cineo lights, by radiator fins on the back of the fixture.


Cineo c80
The rear control panel of the Cineo c80.

There are connections on the back for a DMX loop, and although it’s not colour tuneable in the same way as RGB LEDs, there are hue and saturation adjustment knobs on the back to tweak the colour – just not greens.

Bigger = better

Working with larger light sources can be tricky if you’re a small team or on your own, but their intrinsic qualities – softness and a flattering wrap – are pleasing and highly addictive!

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