GL Optics 12mm T2.9 – the world’s widest full frame PL-mount lens

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The GL Optics 12mm T2.9 is the world’s widest full frame rectilinear PL mount lens, and it is now shipping, along with two other new rehoused PL full frame lenses – the 45-90mm T2.9 middle zoom and 80-200mm T4.2 zoom.

Super wideangle GL Optics 12mm T2.9

12mm T2.9
The GL Optics 12mm T2.9

The super wideangle GL Optics 12mm T2.9 covers an image circle of 48mm (diagonal) and weighs in at 0.75kg (1.65lb). Close focus is just 7″ (17.8cm), and the lens mount is user interchangeable between PL/EF/Nikon/Sony E/ and Sony a-mount (extra mounts are available at additional cost).

Super wide angle 12mm T2.9

GL Optics claims the lens exhibits slight wide angle distortion, which should be expected given 12mm on a full frame sensor is going to give you a very wide field of view.

Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D
The Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D

The 12mm T2.9 looks to be based on the Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D, which is claimed to be the world’s fastest and widest full frame rectilinear lens. GL Optics don’t normally mess around with the optics when they rehouse lenses, so I would expect the 12mm T2.9 to perform in a similar way to the Laowa.

12mm T2.9

The super wideangle 12mm T2.9 costs $2699 US and looks to be a nice option for shooting landscapes and architecture, especially if you are using it on a full frame sensor.

45-90mm T2.9 PL mount middle zoom

The GL Optics 45-90mm T2.9 middle zoom

The GL Optics 45-90mm T2.9 PL mount middle zoom lens has a 330° focus rotation and a front diameter of 95mm. GL Optics claim that the lens is parfocal. We know that there is no such thing as a truly parfocal zoom lens, but they say it’s close enough that despite a small amount of focus error, it’s small enough to be considered insignificant.

The 45-90mm T2.9
The 45-90mm T2.9’s PL-mount is changeable by the user.

Like most GL Optics lenses the 45-90mm T2.9 lens has an interchangeable lens mount that can be swapped between Pl and Canon EF/Nikon/Sony E/ and Sony a-mount. Again the mounts aren’t included with the lens.

Angenieux 45-90mm F2.8
The Angenieux 45-90mm f/2.8

The lens is based on the 45-90mm f/2.8 zoom which was produced by Angenieux in Paris, France between 1976 and 1982. It was the first zoom lens made for Leica. Originally made for the R3 and R4, it was also able to be adapted to be used on later model Leica R-series cameras. The 45-90mm f/2.8 had a close focus of 3.5′ (1 metre) and weighed in at 453g (1lb). It is unclear how much the rehoused GL Optics version weighs.

45-90mm T2.9
The 45-90mm T2.9 PL mount lens is probably a nice option if you are looking for a mid range zoom with a vintage look. It is available for $5800 US.

80-200mm T4.2 Zoom

80-200mm T4.2
The 80-200mm T4.2 has a 300 degree focus rotation and is claimed by GL Optics to also be parfocal. The lens has a front diameter of 95mm (the lens it is based on was 55mm) which makes it easy to clamp on matte boxes without having to use 15mm rods.
80-200mm T4.2
Just like all the other lenses the mount can be user changed at an additional cost from PL to Canon EF/Nikon/Sony E/ Sony a.

Leica VARIO-ELMAR-R 80-200mm f/4
The Leica VARIO-ELMAR-R 80-200mm f/4
The lens looks to be based on the very good Leica VARIO-ELMAR-R 80-200mm f/4 MF Lens that has a minimum focus distance of 1.1 m or 3’7 1 /4″. The Leica 80-200mm f/4.5 offered a good focal range while keeping the weight down to a very manageable 2.30 lbs (1.04kg).

[caption id="attachment_51722" align="aligncenter" width="600"]80-200mm T4.2 The 80-200mm T4.2

At first glance $5800 US for a 80-200mm T4.2 seems a little pricey, but used versions of this lens still fetch pretty good money on the secondhand market. The lens looks to be a nice addition if you are using Leica R primes and are looking for a longer complimentary zoom.

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