Anton Bauer LPD Travel Discharger- NAB 2017

The Anton Bauer LPD Travel Discharger being shown at NAB is a dedicated discharge unit that can quickly and safely discharges V-Mount or Gold Mount lithium ion batteries to less than 30% prior to shipment. This is now a requirement due to IATA travel regulations that were implemented to provide a safer way of transporting lithium ion batteries.

Anton Bauer LPD Travel Discharger
Anton Bauer LPD Travel Discharger

These IATA travel regulations don’t apply when hand carrying batteries on board aircraft, but they do if you want to ship batteries via air freight. Anton Bauer have designed the LPD Travel Discharger so that individuals, productions or rental houses that need to ship batteries can do it safely to comply with the regulations.

Anton Bauer LPD Travel Discharger
No power is required to use the LPD

The LPD Travel Discharger features a rapid discharge mode that can discharges four 90 WH batteries in 3 hours or less. It is also fan cooled and thermally protected, making it safe to leave batteries unattended in any environment. The nice thing about the discharger is that no external power is required as it uses the energy from the batteries to discharge.

The LPD is now available to purchase for $949US and is available in either Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-Mount.

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