Go Creative Show- Toby Oliver ACS DP of “Get Out”

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On this weeks Go Creative Show, award winning cinematographer Toby Oliver ACS talks to host Ben Concoli about shooting the critically aclaimed “Get Out”. Toby shares all his lighting and lensing techniques that gave “Get Out” it’s uniquely horrifying look. Ben and Toby discuss the blending of horror and comedy,why he choose to shoot with zoom lenses, the challenges of a limited budget, and much more.

You can listen to the full episode above

Topics covered
Rethinking the low budget horror film
Working with Jordan Peele
Choosing Zoom lenses vs. Primes
The most challenging shots of “Get Out”
Shooting car interiors with 2 cameras
Using a small LED lighting kit for feature films
The Sunken Place
Lighting ratios and false color

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