Aladdin flexible LED light strips and new accessories- NAB 2017

New Aladdin flexible LED light strips and a ton of new accessories were being shown at NAB 2017. Aladdin who are best know for their flexible LED lights were showing a clever low power strip lights that are perfect for positioning in places where you need to replicate a small practice source.

Aladdin Flexible LED strips
Flexible LED strips

The flexible LED strips run off any USB power source and the smallest versions only draw 3W. The nice thing is you can daisy chain them to make longer strips if needed, but as they do run off USB there will be a limit as to how many you can daisy chain together.

Aladdin Flexible LED strips
The lights can be powered off USB power sources.

The strips have velcro on the back of them which makes it easy to fasten them to just about any surface. There is currently no indication on pricing or availability.

Aladdin were also showing a new hard backing plate and shell for their popular 2×1 Bi-flex light. The hard backing panel has been designed for rental houses and people who want a more protected mounting solution rather than having to use the light in its original form. The backing plate features a nice quick release swivel mount that looked like it was well thought out. The nice thing about the backing plate and shell is all the same accessories such as the diffuser and soft box will still work with it. The new backing plate and shell should be available soon to purchase.

Aladdin Flexible LED lights
The hard shell uses magnets to attatch the light.

As well as the hard backing plate they were also showing a solid metal frame for the Bi-Flex 1×1. The solid frame has magnetic corners so the light sits on very easily and it also can take a solid front diffusion panel to help protect the light. The frame can break down into pieces so it is easy to travel with.

Aladdin dimmer boxes.
New dimmer boxes feature a digital display and built in wireless DMX.

Aladdin have also redesigned their dimmer/power supply boxes for their Bi-Flex 2×1 and 4×1 lights to be a bit more streamlines and to incorporate a small digital display and built in wireless DMX receiver.

The company also had a single version of their hard cased 1×1 Flex light that we have previously seen in double and quad configurations. According to Aladdin the hard backed flex 1×1 panels are now available to purchase but i haven’t been able to find out from where or how much they are.

Aladdin DMX controller
Aladdin’s new DMX controller than can be run off a DC power source.

Finally Aladdin were showing a new DMX control box that had the ability to be able to be run off a DC power source which is very handy if you want to create a large lighting source out on location in the field.

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