Aladdin AMS-100TD soft panel LED – NAB 2017

The Aladdin AMS-100T/D takes the company’s flexible LED technology and puts it into a hard enclosure. Rental houses love the high CRI of the flexible panel lights, but they need a more robust solution to hire out to customers. This is where the colour temperature adjustable AMS-100T/D comes in.

AMS-100 T/D
The AMS-100 T/D comes in a robust aluminium housing

The AMS-100T/D remains quite lightweight despite being enclosed in a well made aluminium housing. Unlike most other Aladdin lights the power supply, control, and battery plate are built into the back of the fixture.

AMS-100 T/D
The AMS-100 T/D draws 100W and can be run off a camera battery

The light is colour adjustable from 3000-6000K and draws 100W of power. It features a soft diffusion panel and barn doors that can easily slide on or off.

AMS-100 T/D photometrics

The Aladdin AMS-100T/D colour rendering scores when set at 3000K.

I tested the light’s photometries on the show floor when the light was set at 3000K and it recorded a output of 3060lx at a distance of 1m. It had a kelvin temperature of 3060K and a ⊿uv of -0.0013. Above you can see the lights colour rendering scores where it performed exceptionally well.

A larger version called the AMS-200T/D will also be available at some stage, and basically takes the company’s 2×1 flexible LED lights and puts it into a housing that will look very similar to the AMS-100T/D.


Price and availability

The AMS-100T/D will start shipping in around two months time and the price should be around $1000US.

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