Movcam MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo Unit – NAB 2017

The Movcam MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo Unit was on display at NAB. We had previously seen this in a prototype version, but this is the first time we have had access to the production version that will ship.

The MSU-1 servo grip is designed to work with the new Angenieux EZ series zooms and will give users from an ENG background a familiar feel when shooting.


FIZ in one package

What’s impressive about the grip is that not only does it have a zoom rocker, but there are two more motors inside for iris and focus. This allows you to use the Movcam wireless hand unit in a FIZ workflow to control focus, iris, and zoom remotely, all without needing separate motors. This kind of setup is perfect for when you’ve got an operator who is just shooting or controlling zoom, and a first AC who is focusing.

It can work with a Preston or Cmotion interface and hand unit, like the Preston MDR, through a 20-pin connection on the servo zoom.

The MSU-1 on the Sony F5
The MSU-1 on the Sony F5

Brief hands-on impressions

From my short time using the MSU-1 at the show I was impressed with its performance and ergonomics. It really does feel like you are using a broadcast ENG lens or a Cabrio. Movcam have designed the ergonomics well and unlike other Cine servo zoom options on the market it sits in the right place where your arm is in a comfortable position and not bent backwards.

A cheaper zoom only version will be available as well.
A cheaper zoom only version will be available as well.

There is also going to be a zoom only version that will be a lot cheaper than the MSU-1 that does focus, iris and zoom.

Price and availability

The MSU-1 will be available to purchase in the next few weeks and the expected pricing is going to be under $4,000 US.

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