IDX DUO-C new batteries launched – NAB 2017

New IDX DUO-C lithium ion batteries have been launched at NAB. The first is the DUO-C98, a 98Wh battery that handles up to 10 amp draws. The second is the high capacity DUO-C198, a 198 Wh battery that handles up to 14 amp draws which makes it suitable for powering power hungry cameras like Alexa, as well as a good option if you are powering high draw lights.

The D-Tap Advanced lets you charge the battery without needing a large charger

The batteries also feature D-Taps that can output up to 50W, as well as a 2.3A USB outlet. One of the D-Tap ports is a D-Tap Advanced which allows you to charge the battery without needing a large charger.

There is a built in LED light which is useful when working at night or in dark conditions.

Another nice feature is there is a built in LED light on the back of the battery which is useful if you are looking for the mount in the dark.

The IDX DUO-C198

If you happen to be a RED owner you will be happy to hear that IDX have added support for reading your cameras battery percentage.

Both the DUO-C98 and DUO-C198 will be available in July this year and pricing is expected to be similar to those of the current DUO-C series.

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