SLR Magic 8mm f4 Micro 4/3 lens gets balance improvements – NAB 2017

SLR Magic’s ultrawide 8mm f4 Micro 4/3 lens was originally intended for use on gimbal-based platforms like the Osmo Pro or Inspire Drones. However it’s also been popular with GH5 owners, where it works out equivalent to a 16mm lens on full frame.

Deep focus

It’s an f/4 lens, though you won’t be using it for fancy focus pulls – due to the wide angle of view, from three feet more or less everything is in focus. There’s also a locking pin so you can adjust infinity focus to match your particular camera setup. This also prevents your focus from slipping due to vibrations when you’re using it on an aerial platform.

Improvements due to user feedback

Although we’ve seen this lens before this is the first time SLR Magic have shown the lens in the US, and they have made some improvements based on user feedback.

When mounting on the Osmo or Inspire, owners were finding the lens was unbalanced. The solution is a new hood, which balances the lens properly even when the gimbal systems are switched off, meaning they’re under less strain when the motors are on.

8mm f4 Micro 4/3 lens: Pricing and availability

The SLR Magic 8mm lens retails for around $299 US and the new weighted hood will be priced at $99 US.

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