F&V Z200S LED Light: bi-colour portable punch – NAB 2017

F&V have expanded their range of LED panel lights with the F&V Z200S. Where the bigger Z400 is the size of a typical 1×1 panel, the Z800 is bigger still (about twice as big), the Z200S is half as big as the Z400.

F&V Z200S
The snap-on honeycomb grid helps control output from the Z200S.

Small, light and punchy

The unit is bi-colour and dimmable, and features a single-sided yoke to keep weight and dimensions down.

Although it’s compact the beam angle is quite wide so it can be used to flood an area with light. And if you want to control the output a little bit there’s also a neat-looking magnetic honeycomb grid that snap to the front of the fixture.

Power draw and battery options

F&V Z200S
Dual NP-F slots on the battery sled.

The Z200S draws about 45W and has a wide range of power options via a wired connector. The battery plate can hold a V-lock, Anton/Bauer or dual Sony NPF batteries, and clamps to the lighting stand – and if you’re clever where you mount it the battery can act as a weight to keep the stand and light steady.

F&V Z200S
The rear panel of the Z200S. The cable leads down to the battery pack.

Wait and see for now

There’s no price or availability set yet, but the Z200S is already a production unit – so it won’t be too long before it’s available to buy.

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