Panasonic update GH5 firmware to v1.1, add 10bit HD recording options

DSC03028 1

Panasonic have updated the firmware of the GH5 to version 1.1. The GH5 firmware update fixes some minor issues but the major change to the camera is the addition of 10bit recording in HD modes. It works for both 16×9 and anamorphic shooting across NTSC, PAL and Cinema frame rates.

It’s a welcome addition, available now to download from the Panasonic website. It sounds like a solid upgrade for anyone using the GH5 to shoot in HD.

More data, more storage

The increased bit depth will have an impact on recording times – these are summarised in the table below.

If you use the Panasonic Image App to control your camera you’ll need to update that as well to enable compatibility with the new GH5 firmware.

Other fixes

The firmware also fixes two other minor issues:

  • There was a problem in which the exposure adjustment did not operate properly during live view standby when the [SS/Gain Operation] display was set to [ANGLE /ISO] while [Variable Frame Rate] was selected for Creative Video mode. This has been fixed.
  • A problem in [V-LogL] of Photo Style mode where afterimages appeared when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings has been fixed.

AF issues remain

Sadly no news on improving continuous AF performance as yet – but as always it’s nice to get more functionality unlocked from cameras after they’ve been released.

To download the firmware, head over to Panasonic’s site. Let us know how you get on in the comments below…


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