Fiilex P360 Pro Plus portable LED light

Fiilex have announced the P360 Pro Plus, an upgraded version of the P360 portable LED light. The 400W-equivalent Pro Plus draws 90w and improves on the P360 with an expanded CCT range of 2800-6500K and dimming now runs from 0-100%. The Fiilex P360 Pro Plus also includes hue control (±0.25 green), a feature which is not commonly found in LED lights of this size.

Fiilex claim that the Pro Plus has a CRI greater than 95. The light weighs in at under two pounds (900g), and has a weather-resistant (IP-24) rating. The P360 Pro Plus is primarily designed to be taken on location, but it can also be integrated into DMX setups. Other features include an OLED display and design tweaks such as a new accessory lock.

If you want to make the P360 Pro Plus more versatile, Fiilex offers a wide array of accessories, ranging from magnetic fresnels and diffusers, to softboxes and larger fresnel attachments.

The new Fiilex light looks to be a pretty good option for run and gun shooters looking for a portable lighting solution. We will be sure to check them out at NAB. The P360 Pro Plus retails for $995 US and is now available to purchase.

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