FilmConvert GH5 camera profile now available


FilmConvert is wasting no time releasing a profile for the Panasonic GH5. Most people are still waiting for delivery of their Panasonic GH5 like me! Heck, I just ordered V-Log L today.

It’s easily the most anticipated camera of 2017 so far and now you can grade the image with FilmConvert’s popular film stocks.

If you’re unfamiliar with FilmConvert, you don’t load the camera profiles into the camera – instead you can use them in your editing software to give your video footage a more filmic look. It’s especially useful if you’re shooting flat to maximise dynamic range, and can offer a decent start (or end) point for your grade.

Panasonic’s V-Log L might be a paid upgrade for the GH5 but we’re expecting a lot of users buying a GH5 for video to fork over the extra $100 US to get the flatter picture – not least because it will help match the camera to its bigger Varicam sisters. With that Log footage of course comes the need for more work in post to bring the colours out – and a tool like FilmConvert can help get you to a decent end result more quickly than an all-manual approach.

FilmConvert for the GH5

FilmConvert must have gotten their pre-order in early, as they’ve been able to play with the camera for a little while:

We’ve had the camera in-house for a week, and we’re blown away by the quality and performance of the 10-bit 4:2:2 internal UHD 4K footage, as well as the in-built 5-axis stabilization. Practical features such as dual SD-card slots just make it better.

FilmConvert GH5 Camera Profile

This GH5 camera profile release contains settings for all the picture profiles on the camera at launch, including V-Log L. FilmConvert will have updates for the upcoming firmware enhancements due from Panasonic in the summer.

Download the Panasonic GH5 Camera Profile from FilmConvert here, and do drop back to let us know how you get on with footage from the camera.

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